Thirteen Dollars

During this pandemic, while observing the Ohio governor’s “stay at home” order, I decided to begin using news topics as a springboard for still life photographs. With flowers from my garden and a headline about the Ohio attorney general pushing for a law against price gouging that appeared in The Columbus Dispatch this was the first of the series. Normally the idea of hoarding toilet paper would be laughable; the thought of greedy people taking advantage of a global crisis deeply disturbing. Now, things have changed. A shortage of toilet paper is a reality. Greed is still deeply disturbing and reprehensible. To get this image I used three handheld flash lights of various strengths to “paint” during the extremely long exposure. The tulip appears sad as it droops over the newspaper headline and two rolls of toilet paper.

Exposure:   EF 24-105 lens at 73mm, ISO 100, f/9, 1 minute 15 sec.