The Stigma, A Naked Truth

In this photograph, the beauty of two tulips has disappeared with time. Petals have fallen away exposing the stigma (innermost section). In society too, the raw, bare truth of the Covid 19 pandemic is being revealed. Hard working people can’t pay their rent or mortgages.The food supply chain is beginning to break as people in meat packing plants, working shoulder to shoulder, are becoming sick. Food banks have long lines. Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. Classes are being offered remotely but some families don’t have internet service or even a computer? 

We know what’s going to happen to the tulip bulbs. New buds are forming, hidden beneath the soil. They’ll bloom again next spring as beautiful as ever. We also know that, in time, we’ll bloom again. Meanwhile, we are each responsible for our own words and actions. Please think kind thoughts, chose your words carefully, and show compassion. Help our health care workers and those serving the public in grocery stores and other necessary jobs by wearing face protection and practicing social distancing. 

Exposure: 1 minute, ISO 200; f/22, painted with two small, hand held flashlights.