How do couples plan their wedding while navigating the great unknown of the Covid 19 pandemic? I’m thinking about my niece and her fiancĂ© right now. They have been planning an August wedding for months. With him stationed on the west coast and her stationed on the east coast, it can’t be easy even under the best of circumstances. Dreams, hopes, aspirations have been postponed for so many as the pandemic pervades the world.

About the photograph:
(No it isn’t a sneak look at Kate’s wedding gown! And it wasn’t mine.) The photograph represents plans – all prepared and ready (mostly), but now on hold. Converting it to black and white seemed the obvious choice. It’s the idea of a kaleidoscopic world dulled of color. The light hints at the hope we must all hold in our hearts for a brighter time ahead.

Exposure: 1 minute, 4 seconds at ISO 100, f/16. 35-105 lens @ 55mm, 2 hand-held flashlights.