In Memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The world lost a giant of a person yesterday. She was an intellectual, a U.S. Constitutional law expert, U.S. Supreme Court judge, women’s rights advocate, a wife, mother, grandmother, and she was a #MeToo woman who tore down barriers and navigated through discrimination against women and jews. I watched a clip of her laughing that people want to take their picture standing next to her. “At almost 87”, she exclaimed. I didn’t have the privilege of meeting her. If I had, I would have looked to see which jabot she was wearing. In this photo I am “embracing” the woman I have long admired. 

For the sake of time, I’ve deviated from my usual technique of painting with light. Nor did I add a flower from the garden. I thought about what I wanted to express and gathered the items needed while my husband went out searching for the newspaper. We don’t subscribe to “The New York Times” but this is one of the few national newspapers left on the newsstand late this morning. I used a Lensbaby lens to soften all but her photo and the headlines. Burning was done in post. Of all the sad 2020 headlines, this one impacts me the most.