Sometimes it’s worth going through old files and taking another look. Processing is a critical part of the creative process.Each artist brings his/her artistic sensibilities to transforming RAW images into the final print. As technology changes and/or each of us learns more extensive and in-depth uses of processing applications like Lightroom and Photoshop, what we do with the RAW file is also impacted. Likewise, there may be files that you only glanced at but dismissed as unworthy of any further attention. That was then. What about now?

Today I’ll show a newly processed RAW file from four years ago. The outcome is entirely different from what I did in 2014. I’ve learned more about Photoshop, making selections, masking, and composition. Don’t get me wrong. The original, which appears in my “Night Landscapes” portfolio, isn’t terrible. In fact, some of you may prefer it over what I’m posting today. The second image is significantly different and changes the entire mood and story of the work.

Sometimes improvement is undeniable. It pleases me to have continued maturing as an artist and learning new techniques. And, yes, I destroy the old translation of the file. (Always keep the RAW.) Who knows. Someday I may return again and create something entirely different again.

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