“Paper money shunned for fear of virus” headlines an article with a tulip, paper money, & hydrogen peroxide on a table.

“Paper money shunned for fear of virus” reads the headline of the paper in this image. Doesn’t this give a whole new meaning to the term “money laundering”? While you may laugh with a mental image of bills pulled from jean pockets after the last wash cycle, or the illegal endeavor, this headline took on new meaning for my brother. He was handed money by someone who had been sent home from work with a fever and other Covid-19 symptoms. Seemingly without a care in the world, other than to pay him on her way home, she stated, “Here’s the money I owe you”. After she left he spread the bills on a table and sprayed both sides with diluted bleach, set it aside to dry, disinfected the table, and washed his hands. Oh, and while you’re at it, brother, throw those jeans in the laundry too!!!!

Please stay home when you can. When you can’t, wear a mask and stay 6-10 feet apart.