In my latest series, (before my camera shutter went bad), I was utilizing the white walls to add shadows for balance, interest, and dramatic effect. I’ve encountered some difficulty in post processing those files because I’m color blind. Usually it doesn’t bother me because I don’t miss what I’ve never known. Sometimes it does.

In recent photographs, shadows and flower colors apparently are reflected as lavenders, pinks, and greens, colors my eyes have never seen. I don’t know what they look like and where they are in the photograph.

Here is a version of a single pink tulip. Originally I thought it was pinks and greens, with an aqua table cloth and gray shadows on the walls and I was thrilled with the results. Now I know others see more colors.

Are the colors subtle enough not to be problematic or does it look unnatural and garish? Is my work “less than” because I don’t perceive the nuances of hue. I’ve tried black and white. For this image, even to my color blind eyes, find black and white lacking. I know what I would do differently about the compositions. But I can’t change the way my eyes perceive color.

Neither can you. And, although you may see more colors than I do, not everyone sees the same range of colors. There are some among us who see far beyond the normal range. The world must be even more spectacularly beautiful for them.