Since Zenith was selected as “Art of the Week” for July 17, 2017 by “National League of American Pen Women” for their blog (see Events and Links) it’s a good place to begin my own blog.

In the following weeks and months I’ll address and describe how I create luminous landscapes and still life’s. Based on questions I receive so often, and to erase the myth that everything is created in Photo Shop, I’ll begin by answering some basic questions before moving onto more detailed, technical topics. 


So you want to know . . . ?


  1. What is light painting?
  2. How is light painting different from traditional photography?
  3. Does it require any special equipment?
  4. How does working in the studio differ from working in the landscape outside?
  5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of painting with light?
  6. How do you come up with ideas?


July 24, 2017:

What is painting with light?

Painting with light simply describes a technique employing long exposures in extremely low light, or almost total darkness, so the subject of a photograh may be illuminated by off-camera light sources. Only when the photographer illuminates the subject does it begin to appear. Let me use some examples:

It’s like an artist painting on a black canvas. Only when light (paint) is introduced does an object begin to appear. Alternately a photographer may decide to”collect” existing light by using an extremely long exposure (usually hours, outside in the landscape). As light is added or accumulates over time, more and more of the scen appears. In the next post I will use photographs to more clearly show the process. Meanwhile, get out your notebook and jot down questions. I’ll be back soon with visual examples which should make what is complex seem less so.